About Me

I'm a data scientist and fellow in the Insight Data Science program.

Previously I was a climate scientist at MIT, where I ran numerical climate models to study climate change with Paul O'Gorman. I applied machine learning algorithms, like artificial neural networks and random forests, to emulate the convection scheme in climate models to improve speed and performance.

For my PhD in Applied Math at Columbia University, I quantified projected 21st century changes to the annual cycle of temperature and precipitation with my advisors, Michela Biasutti and Adam Sobel.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Changing duration and spatial extent of midlatitude precipitation extremes across different climates
JG Dwyer and PA O'Gorman
Geophysical Research Letters, 44 (2017) <-doi->

Moist formulations of the Eliassen-Palm flux and their connection to the surface westerlies
JG Dwyer and PA O'Gorman
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 74(2): 513-530 (2017) <-doi->

Projected 21st century changes in the length of the tropical cyclone season
JG Dwyer, SJ Camargo, AH Sobel, M Biasutti, KA Emanuel, GA Vecchi, M Zhao, and MK Tippett
Journal of Climate, 28(15): 6181-6192, (2015) <-doi->

The effect of greenhouse gas-induced changes in SST on the annual cycle of zonal mean tropical precipitation
JG Dwyer, M Biasutti, and AH Sobel
Journal of Climate, 27(12): 4544-4565, (2014) <-doi->

Projected changes in the seasonal cycle of surface temperature
JG Dwyer, M Biasutti, and AH Sobel
Journal of Clilmate, 25(18): 6359-6374 (2012) <-doi->

Do climate models reproduce observed solar dimming and brightening over China and Japan?
JG Dwyer, JR Norris, and C Ruckstuhl
Journal of Geophysical Research, 115, D00K08 (2010) <-doi->

Joint searches between gravitational-wave interferometers and high-energy neutrino telescopes: science reach and analysis strategies
V van Elewyck, S Ando, Y Aso, B Baret, M Barsuglia, I Bartos, E Chassande-Mottin, I Palma, JG Dwyer, C Finley, K Kei, A Kouchner, S Márka, Z Márka, J Rollins, CD Ott, T Pradier, and A Searle
International Journal of Modern Physics D, 18(10): 1655-1659 (2009) <-doi->

Search method for coincident events from LIGO and IceCube detectors
Y Aso, Z Márka, C Finley, JG Dwyer, K Kotake, and S Márka
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Prospects of gravitational wave data mining and exploration via evolutionary computing
M Lightman, J Thurakal, JG Dwyer, R Grossman, P Kalmus, L Matone, J Rollins, S Zairis, and S Márka
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 32: 58-65 (2006) <-doi->

PhD Dissertation

Projected Changes in the Annual Cycle of Surface Temperature and Precipitation Due to Greenhouse Gas Increases
JG Dwyer
PhD Dissertation, Columbia University (2014) <-doi->